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Mystery Painter and a Favourite

Mystery Painter and a Favourite

There are two paintings by “Markell” in the Museum collection and no records to tell us about the painter. One painting includes the sign for Leishman's Pharmacy, which was at 208 O'Brien Street according to our records. Visible in the distant background is the dome...


Music in the Home

Without music, life would be a mistake–Fredrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols Imagine the excitement, the sheer headiness of playing music on a phonograph in the 1920s! A favourite recording at your finger tips. No need to learn the music, master the skill of...

Shed Rec a painting by Mari (Mary) A. Hegler 1915 – 2010

The experience of living in the north has inspired many residents to express the profound affect of their surroundings in various media. Shed Rec is an inspired painting. The vibrant colours, and the rustic content takes the visitor's mind to remote work camps and...

Atikokan Museum Mysteries … not just for children

Each year there is something new for visitors to the Atikokan Museum. New exhibits, artifacts that have been in storage or newly donated. Children are always welcome, and we consider how they view all the history we have in Atikokan. Admittedly, a bit much, even...

There is a park bench waiting for you

The new exhibit for 2020 covers a century of education in Atikokan and area. Located at the museum entrance, the visitors can easily come to see only the featured exhibit. In fact, one exhibit at a time is recommended as it allows time to fully absorb the content. The...

Welcoming visitors in 2020 to the Atikokan Museum

Happily planning to greet Atikokanites from far and wide in the summer of 2020, I have been preparing an exhibit about education in Atikokan. It is clear from comments, Atikokan is a great place to be a kid! The material and inspiration for this exhibit has been...

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The Museum of Atikokan features a comprehensive history of the community, organized along a basic time line, beginning with geological history. The emergence of an iron ore boom town, and a vibrant community that developed a rich cultural life, comprises the greatest number of exhibits.

The Museum is organized for self-guided tours, context labels describe the relevance of the exhibits. The ongoing addition of local character histories emphasizes the many endeavours and achievements of this community.

On Street Exhibits and the Historial Park

The Historical Park is adjacent to the museum, accessible by a foot bridge. The park features outdoor exhibits of logging and mining equipment: The Shevlin-Clarke Logging Locomotive, a lumber camp water wagon, a Barringer Brake or Crazy Wheel, an ore-crushing Stamp Mill, a logging raft capstan and a dredge anchor.

Large artifacts are on display throughout the Town of Atikokan along with descriptive labels. Best viewed on a walking tour, additional features of the town are located on the walking tour map.

Archival & Artifact Collection

The Atikokan Museum collects and cares for records related to Atikokan and area, and facilitates access for members of the public. The largest part of the collection are the materials related to the Steep Rock Iron Range, and the history of mining in this area. We collect objects relevant to Atikokan’s unique history. Only a portion of the collection is on display, new exhibits appear regularly.

Visitors are welcome, appointments are recommended for research projects. A small fee will be charged for providing copies of documents.

A great deal of Atikokan history has been collected by Charles Dobie. His website, affords the reader a rewarding visit to the social history of Atikokan.


We are the proud custodians of the history of Atikokan and area. The Museum of Atikokan is supported by grant funding and the Town of Atikokan. Financial donations are gratefully accepted and go a long way to help with the care and conservation of our history. Donations can be made by e-transfer to [email protected]. Please indicate the donation is intended for the Museum at the time of the e-transfer.



If you would like to make a donation to the Museum of Atikokan in memory of or to honour a loved one, please indicate the name of the person the donation commemorates and the name and address of the person to whom acknowledgment should be sent. All donations of $10 or more are acknowledged with an income tax receipt.


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