Combining Art & Education Since 1965

The Museum of Atikokan features a comprehensive history of the community, organized along a basic time line, beginning with geological history. The emergence of an iron ore boom town, and a vibrant community that developed a rich cultural life, comprises the greatest number of exhibits.

The Museum is organized for self-guided tours, context labels describe the relevance of the exhibits. The ongoing addition of local character histories emphasizes the many endeavours and achievements of this community.

Self-guided Tours

Visitors should allow themselves approximately 45 minutes to complete a self-guided tour.

Guided Tours

Guided tours are available for groups and individuals. In general, reserve an hour for your tour. To arrange a tour for your group please contact us at 807-597-6585

On Street Exhibits and the Historical Park

The Historical Park is adjacent to the museum, accessible by a foot bridge. The park features outdoor exhibits of logging and mining equipment: The Shevlin-Clarke Logging Locomotive, a lumber camp water wagon, a Barringer Brake or Crazy Wheel, an ore-crushing Stamp Mill, a logging raft capstan and a dredge anchor.

Large artifacts are on display throughout the Town of Atikokan along with descriptive labels. Best viewed on a walking tour, additional features of the town are located on the walking tour map.